This space is dedicated to all those who gave their contribution for this project to come to light. To all, our sincere gratitude.

- To our investors, without whom this project would not be possible. By Believe, the people who are part of this project in Ideas and their complicity,

- To all the Public Services of the City of Vila Nova de Gaia, that demonstrate his true mission, facilitators of Entrepreneurship and Enrichment of the City,

- At the Job Centre of Vila Nova de Gaia (IEFP) and Training Centre of Porto (IEFP), availability, helps in defining paths, removing barriers and rapid response,

- To our contractor, Mr. Paulo Eurico by helping to simplify and ease of shortening deadlines, to help with our fundamental objectives,

- From little to big contributions of individual persons, who, by his generosity, improved the Event.

- To all the companies who have demonstrated their efforts in being part of our "adventure".

Finally, to the magic of the Douro and to the warmth of its inhabitants. They were unquestionably the most important source of affectionate stimulus. Thank you for the experience. To put it plainly, all that we underwent and everything in this event comes from you.

                                                                        For you.