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In order to uplift the tradition of the Douro Region, it is at least cruciall to highlight one of its most emblematic elements: the gastronomy.
The people of this region have the traditional food and the art of hospitality as elements of a temple coated by the most delicious aromas and flavours, with gastronomic treasures such as:

On Table - STARTERS - Codfish Fried Cookies, Veal Croquettes, typical sliced Ham with loaves of cheese and corn bread, bread, butter and Olives;
SOUP - Caldo Verde (cabbage soup);

Buffet of HOT & SALADS
► Tomato salad, Lettuce salad and Tagliattele with walnut and French garlic salad;

► Herança MagnaTM Codfish, sliced codfish in bed of sprouts and bread crumble, with roasted potatoes, salt and olive oil;
► Laminated Veal roast with orange, served with roasted potatoes and rice;

Buffet of DESSERTS: Rabanadas (sweet French Toasts), Crème Brûlée, Apple Pie, Chocolate Cake, French pudding, Fruit salad.

INCLUDED DRINKS: Red and white wine, Beer, Water, Soft Drinks and Coffee. (Drinks included throughout the meal with no limitation)


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It is precisely the refinement of the sensation and a genuine visit to the delights of our cuisine that Herança Magna wants to provide, so that your trip will be unforgettable and loaded with lasting pleasures.